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The Elijah Factor

About The Elijah Factor

The last prophecy of the Old Testament is that God will send Elijah “before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” All the signs of that momentous time have rapidly emerged in recent days. The world is presently getting a foretaste of conditions as they will be during the prophesied seven years of Tribulation. The Lord has never deviated from His pattern to raise up a witness “in the spirit and power of Elijah” to issue a final call before judgment falls.

The Elijah Factor is a call for believers to rise up in supernatural boldness to stand against the tide of “woke” ideologies, political correctness, demonic socialism, and escalating “departures from the Faith” as Elijah withstood the prophets of Baal. The Elijah Factor gives a fresh perspective on these End Times.

About The Goshen Factor

The headlines are enough to make the heart palpitate with fear: global economic collapse, climate change, skyrocketing unemployment, and worldwide uncertainty. The world faced these calamities once before. It happened in ancient times when Joseph was elevated to the right hand of power. He preserved the covenant people of God by transporting them to a place exempted from the world’s deteriorating conditions.

That place was called “Goshen.” The epic story of divine preservation recorded in Genesis is a picture of the power of the Lord Jesus, our Heavenly Joseph, sustaining and protecting His covenant people in these unparalleled times of global distress. “The Goshen Factor” probes the reality of transforming the believer’s surroundings into a dimension of blessing in the midst of a cursed world. Goshen was a famine-free zone for Jacob, a plague-free zone for the Hebrews, and a representation of the “abundant life” where “no plague can come nigh our dwelling.”

About Pastor John Parish

John Parish pastors Lighthouse Christian Center, a rapidly growing church in Southeastern Oklahoma. He preaches in meetings across the United States and on a weekly television program that reaches Oklahoma and parts of Arkansas and Kansas.

His bold, no-compromise style presents the truths of God’s word in an easily understood manner, and his understanding of Bible prophecy is among the world’s finest. He has the ability to make the Word come alive in your heart and Spirit. Pastor Parish is known to be a Preacher’s Preacher.

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The Elijah Factor

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The Goshen Factor

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